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Future of cannabis industry in 2022

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Future of cannabis industry in 2022

1. Cannabis Sales Will Increase

Due to the very fact that cannabis is now legal in 10 states, there’s likely future of cannabis industry in 2022 very bright! actually , quite 400 million dollars worth of cannabis was sold on July 4th of this year! Some experts say that the cannabis industry has the potential to grow to the maximum amount as 130 million dollars per annum within the near future. This isn’t likely to happen during 2022, but this figure shows just how rapidly the industry is growing.

Future of cannabis industry in 2022

2. The Legalization Movement Will Grow Stronger

Cannabis is now legal in Illinois, and activists are going to be working hard to urge it legalized in additional states. There’s an opportunity that it’ll become legal in Connecticut, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico , New York, and Rhode Island. Furthermore, dispensaries that sell to recreational users could become legalized in Vermont, which has already legalized possession and residential cultivation of cannabis.

Public support for K2 cannabis legalization is at an all-time high, and around two-thirds of the country supports federal legalization. Not only that, but this figure is probably going to rise over time because the public becomes more conscious of the potential benefits of the plant.

Other States Will Move Towards Legalization of cannabis More Slowly
Some states are on the verge of decriminalizing marijuana or enacting a comprehensive medical marijuana bill, and these bills may act as stepping stones to full legalization. as an example , Virginia has recently decriminalized marijuana, and Texas and Pennsylvania may imitate at some point within the future.

3. There’ll Be More sorts of Cannabis Products Available

Not only will there be new cannabis products available, but it’s likely that breeders will create new strains. Furthermore, cannabis-infused beverages are likely to become more widely available and popular, and a few of those beverages are going to be made by companies that currently play a serious role within the alcohol industry. for instance , Molson-Coors is considering creating a cannabis-infused beverage, and Coca-Cola may create a carbonated drink that contains CBD.

While cannabis edibles are popular right along , there’s likely to become an increased sort of these products on the market. Furthermore, CBD edibles are likely to be sold by companies that aren’t ordinarily involved within the cannabis industry thanks to the federal legalization of the compound. Despite the increasing popularity of edibles and other cannabis products, it’s likely that marijuana flower will remain the foremost popular sort of it within the near future.

4. There’ll Be A More Diverse Range of consumers

It’s likely that there’ll be more older customers, and therefore the number of female marijuana customers is probably going to extend over time. Additionally , there’s likely to become more of a mixture of recreational and medicinal users of cannabis because the year goes on.

5. Customers Will Vary Greatly In Terms Of what proportion They Spend On Marijuana

Furthermore, there’s likely to be a big home in terms of the quantity that folks spend on cannabis during their visits to the dispensary. on the average , most of the people are likely to spend between 25 and 50 dollars per visit, but only a little minority will spend far more . There’s also a big number of individuals who will make small purchases of 10 dollars or less on a mean visit, and this portion of consumers may be a little over one-third.

6. Global climate change unpredictability will continue

Future of cannabis industry in 2022 growers must remain flexible and adaptable, as global climate change means normal weather patterns can not be trusted.

⦁ Wildfires.

⦁ Early freezes.

⦁ Drought.

⦁ More severe flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes.

All of the above will likely factor into the story of 2022 for marijuana cultivators.

7. Momentum builds for social equity

As states roll out new cannabis markets, it’s increasingly common to ascertain the licensing process require a social equity element aimed toward giving minorities and people harmed by the war on drugs a chance to participate within the marijuana industry.

So far, that’s not worked also as advocates had hoped. States like Illinois remain caught up in lawsuits over social equity provisions.
But that won’t stop the push to form the industry more equitable and fairer for people of color et al. Calls for that are only getting louder.

8. More states will legalize marijuana, but the federal probably won’t

The momentum for state-by-state marijuana legalization likely means more progress thereon front.

Look for possible shifts within the following states, also as a dark horse or two.


⦁ Rhode Island

⦁ Maryland

⦁ Delaware


⦁ Mississippi

⦁ Kansas

⦁ South Carolina

⦁ North Carolina

Federal U.S. cannabis legalization would be a shocker.

What’s more likely to happen: Senate legislator Chuck Schumer’s comprehensive marijuana reform bill will stall within the Senate.
Cannabis banking reform could then be considered as a stand-alone measure within the upper chamber, but no vote will likely be taken before the 2022 fall elections.