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What are K2 liquid & K2 paper

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What are K2 liquid & K2 paper:

Let’s elaborate on what are K2 liquid and K2 paper in the modern era of the world.

Pennsylvania State Police have reportedly said that the drugs found inside the prisons are believed to be synthetic cannabinoids (K2 liquid).

One such cannabinoid is gaining in popularity in prisons across the state. K-2 may be a synthetic marijuana product in liquid form and was recently reported to be liable for 90 overdoses in Connecticut.

The K2 spice spray is what we’re seeing is a drag everywhere us,” explained TAG Drug Task Force Commander Tony Villanueva.

In its liquid form, K2 drugs are then sprayed onto plants, paper, of fibers.

“You can just picture them spraying an enormous area,” said Sheriff Greene. “One area might be heavy with the merchandise and another could have little to none sprayed thereon .”


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Since the drug is man-made there’s a further problem.

Villanueva explained that there is an inherent risk of not knowing how the drug is formed, where it came from, or whether it had been laced with fentanyl or carfentanil.

“You do not know where it came from, who had it, or what they put in it to form it lethal,” said Villanueva.

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Because the K2 spray is often sprayed onto paper then later smoked or ingested, there’s a reason to believe that it’s going to be coming in through the mail.

Pennsylvania state prisons announced Wednesday that they need to pack up all incoming inmate mail that’s not legal in nature.

“There are numerous ways in which they’re arising with to urge it into corrections facilities,” said Villanueva. “But we are constantly changing the ways in which we operate, changing the way that we receive mail, and we’re changing the way that inmates receive mail also .”
“The sprays and therefore the products like that that come on mail will become very difficult. you recognize we do our greatest to work it out and search everything as thoroughly as we possibly can,” said Greene. “I’m never getting to be so naive on think that nothing is getting into our facility.

However, there’s hope that K2 e-liquid may remain a jailed drug. Both Villanueva and Sheriff Greene say it’s unlikely to catch on as a K2 liquids papers of choice within the Valley.

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“We haven’t in our area really seen a spike. We saw a touch a little bit of it a few years ago approximately, but in our area, we’ve not seen this. What we all know, is what we’ve been seeing shooting up in several areas and in other states with this sort of product,” said Greene. “We haven’t seen anything or I hope to not anticipate that coming up here in heavy amounts.”

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